For Grantseekers

The Ordean Foundation accepts unsolicited funding inquiries to our Catalyst Grant Program on an on-going basis. This section provides information about the Ordean Foundation’s Catalyst Grant Program process for accepting Letters of Inquiry (LOI).


The first step is to complete a short quiz to determine if your organization is eligible to apply for a Catalyst Grant and if your project is compatible with Ordean's mission and funding priorities. Both new and returning applicants interested in submitting a Catalyst Grant proposal must begin the process by completing the Eligibility Quiz.

Letters of Inquiry

Once you have completed the Eligibility Quiz and have determined that your organization is eligible to apply for funds, the next step is to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI).
Please be prepared to provide a brief summary of your proposed program, project, event or activity and why it is needed i.e. the challenge or opportunity it addresses. You will also submit a preliminary budget (using the Budget Template) with the LOI.

Review Process

LOIs are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Following the LOI review, if the request falls within the funding priorities of the Foundation, the organization will be invited to submit a Full Proposal for funding consideration.