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Albert L. Ordean’s vision for Duluth was a bold, yet patient, commitment to long term solutions that address systemic poverty in our community.

We are here to carry on his vision and legacy.


Ordean Foundation strives to ensure the compassionate, efficient and non-discriminatory distribution of charitable services to families and individuals in need who reside in the Greater Duluth area.

Charitable Giving Program

Ordean Foundation contributes to the community through grants to non-profit organizations. Staff work closely with community leaders to maximize resources, avoid duplication of services, and identify areas of need. Funding may be used for general operating expenses or special projects and is approved by the Board of Directors.

Programs that receive funding provide services related to food, shelter,

Charitable Giving


We are a stable community partner with a respected heritage of long-term, patient, and consistent support for non-profits. We strive to become more innovative and financially resilient, as strong leaders and champions of our mission.

Albert Ordean

Albert L. Ordean

In 1926, Albert Ordean drafted a will calling for “A corporation for the purpose of furnishing relief and charity…without discrimination as to age, sex, color, or religion.” Albert Ordean died in 1928 at the age of 72 and after the death of his wife Louise, The Ordean Foundation was created on December 19,1933.

Connect With Us

Ordean Foundation believes in the importance of relationships and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our community and our non-profit partners.

While Ordean does not accept unsolicited applications, we value the opportunity to establish new relationships and build new partnerships. We seek to broaden our understanding and how the important work of area non-profits intersect with our poverty-focused mission.