Our Mission in Action

The Ordean Foundation is a private, place-based foundation. What does this mean? It means that the mission and purpose of the Ordean Foundation are based squarely on the principles and constraints that Albert Ordean set out in his will written in 1927. Fortunately, Mr. Ordean was a man of unusual generosity and vision. He directed that his fortune be used to address issues related to poverty in Duluth. His concern about poverty and the non-discriminatory allocation of resources were ahead of his time; it's especially noteworthy that these principles were expressed during the Roaring 20s, well before the devastating poverty of the Great Depression.

The Ordean Foundation’s mission is to inspire, encourage, and support effective efforts to confront poverty and nurture a healthier community for all residents of Duluth. The Ordean Foundation contributes to Duluth’s vibrant nonprofit sector which embodies courage, determination and a collaborative spirit to provide support, opportunity and hope for those experiencing poverty in our community.